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Plantclubber Slow-Release Fertilizer

Plantclubber Slow-Release Fertilizer

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Meet the world's most amazing aroid fertilizer, our Plantclubber Slow-Release Fertilizer. These nutrient-rich slow-release granules will feed your plants for up to 6 months!

1. This is a professional, industry-grade fertilizer that is currently only offered to large-scale nurseries.

2. Our slow release fertilizer is easy to dose and safe to use. Regular fertilizers often lead to nutrient deficiencies or overdosing, harming your plants. With our fertilizer, your plants will always receive the right amount of fertilizer as it slowly and consistently releases over time.

3. Each bucket of Plantclubber Slow Release Fertilizer can feed up to 200 baby plants or 80 regular plants. The slow release balls will effectively fertilize your plants for 6 months. 

4. Unlike alternative liquid fertilizer, our fertilizer does not leave a mess! 

5. Did you know that most of the regular, liquid fertilizers flush down your substrate and end up getting wasted? Our fertilizer will remain in your substrate until it has been dissolved after 6 months.

User Guide and Dosage
We suggest mixing the slow release balls with your substrate for the best result. Every bucket of slow release fertilizer will be sufficient for around 100 liters of substrate, depending on the type of plant. 


Weight: 400 grams (+/-)

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