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Anthurium Crystallinum

Anthurium Crystallinum

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The Anthurium Crystallinum is a classic in your Aroid collection. It is considered a beauty by many because of its large, velvety oval leaves with prominent white veining. Under good lighting, the prominent silvery-white veins on the foliage reflect like a shining crystal, hence the name.


While the plant that you will receive might be different from the plant pictured, we do our utmost best to ensure providing you with a plant of similar quality.


This plant is native to the rainforests in Central and South America, Panama, and Peru.

Rarity Scale

This is a rare plant.


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All orders are carefully packed to ensure a comfortable journey to your doorstep. In case of cold temperatures, we will apply heat packs (48hr-72hr) and insulation to create a warm and stable environment.

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