Since recent times, a dedicated movement has come to rise. While the world becomes denser and more urbanised, we turn our homes into urban jungles. While today’s society is all about rushing, we stop catching up and instead, find our ease in being a plant parent. While mankind’s inner relationship with Mother Nature has vanished, we reconnect with nature through our love for plants. And while the digital world becomes more polarized, we set aside our differences and form a one-of-a-kind plant community.


Have you ever found yourself walking through your local plant shop or browsing the internet, thinking to yourself; aren’t these the exact same plants I saw months ago? Or have you been trying to find that one wishlist plant since forever but without success? Time for better! Downtown Plant Club aims to provide plant lovers from all over Europe with their wishlist plants. We offer a large range of rare and semi-rare plants, including full-grown plants, plug plants and wetsticks. As your go-to wishlist plant provider, we are dedicated to help your plants thrive, and our team is always happy to provide you with advice. 

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